How to Prevent Puffy Eyes from CPAP Therapy

How to Prevent Puffy Eyes from CPAP Therapy

Can CPAP Cause Bag Under Your Eyes? Cause and Tips to Prevent Puffy Eyes from CPAP

Unfortunately, bags under the eyes or puffy eyes is a common complaint when using CPAP therapy. However, there are ways to prevent puffy eyes and tips for reducing bags under your eyes when using CPAP therapy. 

CPAP Mask Leak

Leaks from your CPAP mask could cause bags under your eyes or puffy eyes. Causes of leaks range from a worn-out mask to an ill-fitting mask. For example, full face CPAP masks are positioned too close to your eyes at the bridge of your nose. You may also have the wrong type of mask for high-pressure settings that cause leaks. 

Check your mask for a leak by turning on your CPAP machine and feeling around your mask seal for leaking air. You will hear a hissing sound of escaping air. 

Over time as your mask comes into contact with oils from your skin, dust, and other debris, the material will break down, leading to cracks in the seal. Maintain a regular CPAP supplies replacement schedule to ensure it remains effective.

You also may need to try a different mask. We offer a 30 Night Guarantee so you can try a new CPAP mask risk-free!

Blocked Vents on CPAP Mask

Your CPAP mask has vents that allow the CO2 to escape when breathing out. If the vents are blocked, the exhaust air will flow into your eyes and dry them out or cause swelling. Check to see if anything is blocking these vents and remove proper airflow.

The Air In Your Bedroom Could be Too Dry

In the winter, the air is less humid. So as the temperature outside drops and you turn up the heat, the air that flows through your home and cycles through your CPAP is extra dry. 

Use a CPAP with a humidifier to add heated moisture to the air cycling through your machine. A heated hose or hose cover may also help warm up the air to relieve dryness and cold air. Or use a stand-alone humidifier to add moisture to the air in your bedroom.

Other Health Conditions

You may have an underlying health condition that makes it difficult for your eyelids to close fully or that could cause your eyes to dry out. For example: 

Floppy eyelid syndrome (FES): People with this condition develop loose, rubbery eyelids. Their eyelids may not close during sleep, leaving the inner eye exposed to air. It’s most common in middle-aged men with sleep apnea.

Diabetes: Diabetes is also linked to sleep apnea and may reduce tear production due to a high blood sugar level that causes inflammation. As the blood vessels around the eyes swell, they become blocked, restricting blood circulation to the tear glands, which reduces tear production.

Sjogren’s syndrome: An autoimmune disorder that causes your immune system to attack areas of your own body. These include tear and saliva glands, leading to dry eyes and mouth.

Discuss your symptoms with a medical professional to discover treatment options that may include medication, eye drops, or surgery. 

Tips to Reduce Puffy Eyes From CPAP

Patience is essential when your first start your CPAP journey. It takes the body time to get used to CPAP therapy. There will be challenges when you begin treatment, but with persistence and patience, you will overcome them!

When you get the mask you like and get it adjusted perfectly, symptoms will reduce and get much better.

Here are some homeopathic tips to help in the meantime

    1. Metal Spoon in the Freezer - Put a metal spoon in the freezer for a few minutes. Then, take the cold spoon and place it over the baggy, puffy eye for a few seconds. Continue moving the spoon around, touching the baggy areas until the spoon is not cold anymore. Try this method only with one eye, then look in the mirror to see the difference.
    2. Chilled Cucumber - Cut off one end of the chilled cucumber and discard. Then cut two slices off the cucumber, about half an inch thick. Set a timer for 15 minutes or so. In a reclining position, place one cucumber slice over each eye and relax while the cucumber’s natural acids soak into your skin.
    3. Cosmetic products Olay Eye Serum works pretty well, is inexpensive, and is not greasy.

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